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A new Baltic COO has been appointed

A new Baltic COO has been appointed

Since joining forces in 2021, we at RER LEXTAL in Latvia, ILAW LEXTAL in Lithuania and LEXTAL in Estonia have been building our common Baltic legal practice. Since the merger, our Baltic team has grown significantly, expanding from 60 lawyers to almost 100 legal staff members. To further enhance our collaboration and boost our growth, we have hired a Baltic COO to spearhead business development across the Baltic region.

Rainer Ratnik has been appointed as the Baltic COO and will also serve as a member of both the Baltic and Estonian boards. In his role as the Baltic COO, he will take the lead in shaping the future direction of our merged operations and Baltic business development.

Rainer brings a unique set of experiences to the role, having practiced as an attorney and also having worked in-house with many law firms as a client. He therefore offers valuable insights into the legal practice from both an attorney’s and a client’s perspective. Prior to joining the firm, he served as the Head of Legal at Scoro, a global Software-as-a-Service provider founded in Estonia and headquartered in the UK. Before that role, he spent more than five years with LEXTAL, giving him exceptional insight into the roots and culture of a significant part of the company.

“We’re very glad to have taken this next step forward with our Baltic collaboration. Having Rainer on board as the Baltic COO another milestone in our journey. His enthusiasm, dedication to our common goal, and management skills will provide valuable support for the growth of both the business and the team,” said Tomas Bagdanskis, the Managing Partner of ILAW LEXTAL in Lithuania.


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