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Public procurements

Public procurements

The process of public procurements and the legal regulation thereof becomes increasingly more complicated over time both as regards the organisation of the procurement procedure and as regards the preparation of a suitable tender proposal or application. The conditions for the exclusion of tenderers and candidates are also becoming increasingly more complicated. It is often the case that disagreements arise between the supplier and the customer during the procurement procedure, often resulting in a dispute at the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and the Administrative Court.

Law Office RER Lextal specialises in the field of public procurements, providing high-quality and professional legal assistance to customers and suppliers both in below-threshold procurements and procurements organised according to the Public Procurement Law and the Law on the Procurement of Public Service Providers.

Law Office RER Lextal offers legal assistance of all types in the field of public procurement, including:

  • consultations on the process of procurements and preparation of procurement procedure documentation;
  • preparation of complaints and representation in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau or the court regarding disputing unsubstantiated procurement requirements, inter alia, disputing unsubstantiated selection requirements;
  • assessment of draft procurement contracts before the submission of a tender proposal, by timely identifying the legal and business risks. If necessary, we also offer to prepare applications for the customer regarding the introduction of amendments to the draft procurement contracts;
  • consultations for suppliers on drafting a correct and safe strategy in cases of complicated supplier selection requirements, inter alia, by establishing supplier associations or founding general partnerships;
  • verification of conformity of tender proposals and applications before submission;
  • drafting legal opinions for customers regarding the conformity of tender proposals and applications;
  • representation of suppliers and customers in proceedings on disputing procurement results in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau or the Administrative Court;
  • assessment of conformity and permissibility of amendments to procurement contracts.


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