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Public Procurement and Construction

The basic aim of a public procurement procedure is to ensure that the public gets the best possible product or service at an appropriate price. To achieve this simple and understandable goal, procurement procedures often tend to be complex and extensive containing countless nuances and sometimes even involving some tricks.

Our law office has the most extensive experience in public procurement matters in the construction sector which is considered to be one of the most complex areas in public procurement. Our office has provided legal assistance to public persons and their capital companies in organizing tenders, selecting tenderers, drafting legal opinions on the application of European Union law and local legislation, as well as to tenderers protecting their rights to a fair public procurement procedure both in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and both Latvian courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Not only public procurement procedures, but also construction itself is a rather complex and nuanced process which may give grounds to a number of disagreements between the customer and the builder. The staff at our office has proven to be capable of conciliating the parties to disputes, as well as representing and defending the interests of both the customer and the builders in various construction disputes.


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