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Corporate Law, Restructuring & M&A

Corporate Law, Restructuring & M&A

To make your business more efficient, sometimes radical changes are called for:

  • Buying or selling a company or a part thereof;
  • Mitigation of business risks by separating the asset holder from the operator;
  • Changing the form and structure of your undertaking;
  • Splitting a company or a part thereof, joining a company to another commercial company or another company to your own, merging multiple companies – all of them termed reorganisation by lawyers;
  • Creating a new merchant or liquidation of a dissolved one;
  • Changing the ownership of merchants, releasing or appointing a board, council, change of address, other changes.

All of this is made possible through required legal procedures. Our law firm will help you to make the necessary changes in a professional manner, saving you money and time. We will take care of formal technical activities, as well as provide you with advice and recommendations on the merits in order to achieve the result you expected.

Our office provides full legal support in the following matters: assessment of the performance of companies, assessment of potential risks, conducting legal due diligence, assessment of the actions of the board or council, protection of the interests of minority shareholders in the event of transfer of the undertaking, as well as any other matters.

Often the above-mentioned actions result in a lawsuit where our team of lawyers will represent you with your best interests at heart, applying their knowledge and experience accumulated over the years.


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