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Other Legal Assistance

It is often said that a good lawyer is not the one who knows everything, but the one who knows where to find everything that’s needed. We may not have top-notch expertise in all areas of law, but we know where to find the sources and experts of the...

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Debt Collection

Cooperation partners do not always perform their obligations in good faith. In such cases, a reminder issued by a creditor often does not achieve the intended goal, and a targeted action is required for debt collection – drafting legally substantiated...

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Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Human rights are protected in all democracies, including Latvia. Although this area of law is called human rights, human rights are also extended to legal entities, such as the right to...

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Administrative Law

Administrative law is a broad branch of law establishing the institutional framework of public administration, namely the subordination and relations of institutions, the functions of the government, the relationship between the state and individuals/legal...

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Contract Law

The foundations of a successful deal are not only honesty and willingness to cooperate by the parties, but also a high-quality and adequate agreement that protects the parties to the deal and prevents misunderstandings, disputes, and post-transaction...

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