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Other Legal Assistance

It is often said that a good lawyer is not the one who knows everything, but the one who knows where to find everything that’s needed. We may not have top-notch expertise in all areas of law, but we know where to find the sources and experts of the required knowledge. Therefore, you can ask us for a legal opinion on any matters, unless they are related to conflicts of law in the black hole.

We are experienced and we can assist in providing legal services on the following matters:

  • Maritime Law and the Arrest of Ships;
  • Residence Permits;
  • Legal opinions;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Consumer Protection;
  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Trade law;
  • Defamation and dignity violation.

The trademark of the RER Lextal Law Office is tailor-made solutions for each client, so even if you are not sure whether we will be able to help you, please contact us and let us learn about your case.

When required, we can also provide operational assistance in resolving legal crisis situations of any kind.

Debt Collection

Cooperation partners do not always perform their obligations in good faith. In such cases, a reminder issued by a creditor often does not achieve the intended goal, and a targeted action is required for debt collection – drafting legally substantiated claims, insolvency warnings in cases provided for in the law, negotiations with the debtor or even going to court. The complexity of the debt recovery process is affected by multiple circumstances, including the terms of the legal transactions between the parties, legal considerations, the nature of the claim, and the debtor’s attitude towards the performance of his/her obligations.

Although we can provide legal assistance in debt collection of any level of complexity, our law office specializes in providing legal assistance in complex debt collection cases, which require in-depth legal understanding of various legal and business aspects and where our considerable experience in litigation and legal dispute resolution may be particularly useful.

Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Human rights are protected in all democracies, including Latvia. Although this area of law is called human rights, human rights are also extended to legal entities, such as the right to protect one’s property, the right to a fair trial, the prohibition of discrimination, etc.

There are various mechanisms for the protection of human rights, namely, if the law violates the human rights of a person, then the person, provided certain conditions have been fulfilled, is entitled to file a claim with the Constitutional Court or with the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia. Complaints about human rights violations committed in Latvia may also be submitted to the European Court of Human Rights.

Our office has gained extensive experience both in the preparation of constitutional complaints before the Constitutional Court and in the preparation of complaints before the European Court of Human Rights, concerning the resolution of particularly complex human rights violations.

Administrative Law

Administrative law is a broad branch of law establishing the institutional framework of public administration, namely the subordination and relations of institutions, the functions of the government, the relationship between the state and individuals/legal entities, and the procedure by which the state adopts acts that are binding on individuals.

Sometimes the state’s actions are erroneous, and in such cases the mistakes made can be disputed and appealed in accordance with the administrative procedure, in the case of damage establishing the individual’s right to obtain appropriate compensation from the state, local government or other public person.

Decisions related to taxes, construction, public procurement and alienation of public property, as well as other areas are contested in accordance with the administrative procedure. We have good knowledge of these industries and have successfully represented the interests of our clients in resolving cases related thereto.

Our office shall:
  • Advise and represent its clients in relations with state and local government institutions, and other public persons;
  • Draft applications to contest;
  • Draft applications to the court regarding the setting aside of an administrative act and/or issuance of a favourable administrative act;
  • Drafting applications for temporary protection;
  • Represent in courts of all instances;
  • Advise and represent its clients in tax-related matters;
  • Advise and represent its clients in matters related to alienation of public property.

Contract Law

The foundations of a successful deal are not only honesty and willingness to cooperate by the parties, but also a high-quality and adequate agreement that protects the parties to the deal and prevents misunderstandings, disputes, and post-transaction litigation. When undertaking obligations, it is important to ensure that the terms of the deal are clearly stated and to ensure that the other party to the deal may not subsequently make unsubstantiated claims.

Often, when entering into a contract, the parties do not think about future disputes that may arise due to deficient or incorrect contractual terms. Our law office can provide you with all kinds of legal support related to the conclusion and execution of a deal, including:

  1. Drafting various types of contracts and agreements;
  2. Contract analysis and advice on matters relating to the execution of deals;
  3. Representation in contract negotiations;
  4. Provision and supervision of the contracting process;
  5. Provision of legal support and representation in resolving disputes arising from deals.

Each contract is drafted in a way as to fully incorporate the wishes of the parties thereto through one or more transactional deeds. At our office, we strive to provide our clients with the necessary legal support in deals to ensure the achievement of their goals in both business and private life.

The RER Lextal Law Office also implements activities aimed at compensating for any damage caused, indemnification of damages, and other claims arising from the civil liability of persons.

Advice and Assistance to Entrepreneurs

We offer legal advice and continuous legal assistance to entrepreneurs, planning and executing top-level legal solutions to the undertakings. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Daily legal advice;
  • Legal foundation for transactions of all types, drafting of agreements;
  • Legal correspondence with company partners, public administration institutions;
  • Representation of interests in state and local government institutions, courts, as well as in relations with other persons;
  • Work with debtors, recovery of debts;
  • Making changes in the Commercial Register;
  • Drafting documents in connection with the establishment, amendment or termination of an employment relationship.

Labour Rights

Employees are undoubtedly an immensely valuable asset in a company. Mutually beneficial relationships with employees are crucial to the company’s efficiency and success.

In order to avoid conflicting situations in the future, the lawyers and jurists of our RER Lextal Law Office are ready to provide you with legal assistance in drafting professional employment contracts, internal regulations, as well as in drafting other types of personnel management documentation. Among other things, we provide legal support in the implementation of correct termination procedures by the employer which often allows the employer to protect himself from unpleasant and expensive court proceedings.

Even if you find yourself in a conflicting situation concerning labour law matters, we are able to represent the interests of both the client–employer and the client–employee in court, in resolving individual or collective labour disputes, as well as in cases of termination of employment.

Family Law

At our office you can get answers to questions that are unclear to you, both when entering into marriage and at the time of dissolution thereof. Regardless of whether the client needs help in drafting a prenuptial agreement or division of the joint property of the spouses, the lawyers of our office will help both with advice and drafting the necessary documents. We can offer the help of a mediator in cases when the spouses want to make decisions on their own, and we can represent clients in court in the event of failure to reach an agreement. During divorce, we help clients to maintain a personal and close relationship with their children, even if they do not live in the same home, representing the client in court in a claim regarding the establishment of the procedure for exercising the right of access in the event of a dispute.

Inheritance Law

Usually, an end to one thing is the beginning of another one. Therefore, at times when you are considering providing for the well-being of your offspring, we can offer you advice on inheritance law. Even after the sad farewell, life goes on, and it involves deadlines not to be missed and rights that should not be lost or obligations that are better avoided. In order not to miss opportunities, a timely offer from a lawyer will be helpful.

Public Procurement and Construction

The basic aim of a public procurement procedure is to ensure that the public gets the best possible product or service at an appropriate price. To achieve this simple and understandable goal, procurement procedures often tend to be complex and extensive containing countless nuances and sometimes even involving some tricks.

Our law office has the most extensive experience in public procurement matters in the construction sector which is considered to be one of the most complex areas in public procurement. Our office has provided legal assistance to public persons and their capital companies in organizing tenders, selecting tenderers, drafting legal opinions on the application of European Union law and local legislation, as well as to tenderers protecting their rights to a fair public procurement procedure both in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and both Latvian courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Not only public procurement procedures, but also construction itself is a rather complex and nuanced process which may give grounds to a number of disagreements between the customer and the builder. The staff at our office has proven to be capable of conciliating the parties to disputes, as well as representing and defending the interests of both the customer and the builders in various construction disputes.

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