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Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

The provision of financial services is considered to be one of those strictly regulated sectors, therefore in-depth knowledge is required to meet all the requirements in this sector. Our office is experienced in matters such as financial services regulation and the operation of the capital and venture capital market.

These days, everyone uses banking services, but in order to do that both the bank and its customer must meet a number of complex requirements. Likewise, banks often suddenly close down their operation, and their clients are forced to take a number of measures to recover their deposits.

We have provided assistance to the clients of Latvijas Krājbanka, ABLV Bank and PNB Banka, in the recovery of their deposits. Likewise, a partner in our office is the insolvency administrator of Trasta Komercbanka which has enabled the office to gain invaluable in-depth experience in resolving various issues related to the liquidation process of a credit institution, including the exercise of creditors’ legal interests.

We can also help address issues related to the application of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, including drafting the necessary documents allowing the subject of the said law to carry out proper risk assessment and control, as well as providing legal assistance to companies and individuals in proving the legitimate origins of their property and recovering seized funds.


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