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Administrative Law

Administrative law is a broad branch of law establishing the institutional framework of public administration, namely the subordination and relations of institutions, the functions of the government, the relationship between the state and individuals/legal entities, and the procedure by which the state adopts acts that are binding on individuals.

Sometimes the state’s actions are erroneous, and in such cases the mistakes made can be disputed and appealed in accordance with the administrative procedure, in the case of damage establishing the individual’s right to obtain appropriate compensation from the state, local government or other public person.

Decisions related to taxes, construction, public procurement and alienation of public property, as well as other areas are contested in accordance with the administrative procedure. We have good knowledge of these industries and have successfully represented the interests of our clients in resolving cases related thereto.

Our office shall:
  • Advise and represent its clients in relations with state and local government institutions, and other public persons;
  • Draft applications to contest;
  • Draft applications to the court regarding the setting aside of an administrative act and/or issuance of a favourable administrative act;
  • Drafting applications for temporary protection;
  • Represent in courts of all instances;
  • Advise and represent its clients in tax-related matters;
  • Advise and represent its clients in matters related to alienation of public property.


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